The Glencroft Sniff Test

Like it or loathe it, the 100% British Wool we use in our knitwear has a unique natural smell. It smells of wool, although what does wool smell like?!

We make our knitwear from 100% British Wool, that's wool from sheep from the hills and fields of the United Kingdom. The wool we use is also not overly processed, superwashed or bleached, all things that remove the natural smell of this unique material. It's just properly scoured (cleaned), carded and spun and then knitted into jumpers, scarves and hats.

It's a local super material that's perfect for keeping you warm and cosy. It's also breathable and will help regulate your temperature which makes it extremely comfortable. It's also anti-bacterial so doesn't need washing as often, and is biodegradable after you no longer need it.