"Talking Shop"

Seizing the Opportunities of Being More Sustainable

22 Jan 2024

This panel session will unpack what sustainability can mean for retailers and how they can easily adopt more sustainable practices , including understanding the scope of issues sustainability covers across environmental and social impact, current trends to be aware of, and how proactively managing this can add value to their business as well as some of the potential pitfalls be aware of. We will discuss how you can demonstrate your commitment, looking specifically at the example of B-Corps. Our panellists will talk about their experience of becoming more sustainable sharing their real world experience. Come along to improve you understanding, ask questions or share your own experience. Panellists are: Helen McDonald, COO, Scottish Seabird Centre; Angus Bell, Company Shop; Lisa Lawson from Dear Green Coffee.

Michelle Francis
Michelle Francis, Founder - Sustainability Catalyst
Fran van Dijk
Fran van Dijk, Founder - One Stone Advisors
Helen McDonald
Helen McDonald, COO - Scottish Seabird Centre
Angus Bell
Angus Bell - Company Shop
Lisa Lawson
Lisa Lawson - Dear Green Coffee