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Love and marriage

Love and marriage

Our coasters and hanging plaques are made from sustainably sourced beech hardwood, laser engraved with a variety of messages around love and marriage. The coasters are vanished and with non-slip feet, and the plaques have a hessian rope to enable hanging. The horseshoes and wine glass holders are laser cut from high quality meranti plywood, the horseshoes having a natural hessian ribbon added, and the wine glass holders varnished.


  • Bonnie lassie
  • Braw laddie
  • Laddie meets lassie
  • Laddie meets laddie
  • Lassie meets lassie
  • Everything a wife needs
  • Everything a woman needs
  • A wife's priorities
  • Everything a man needs
  • You and me against the world

Hanging plaques:

  • Family - wonderful creatures
  • Family - misfits
  • I love you blah blah blah
  • I love you just the way I am
  • I love you more than beer
  • I love you more than wine or gin
  • Loved you yesterday, love you still
  • Yer such a pair o' fannies

Horseshoes - laser cut from meranti plywood with hessian ribbon:

  • Mr & Mrs
  • Mr & Mr
  • Mrs & Mrs
  • Just married

Wine glass holder - laser cut from meranti plywood, varnished