15 Dec 2023

Yoga Mat Sprays

Nicki's Aromatics Stand: E22
Yoga Mat Sprays
Yoga Mat Sprays

Freshen up your yoga mat with a Yoga Mat Spray - a unique blend of essential oils that will not only give you a beautiful burst of citrus while you are practising, but will clean it too.

To use, simply shake the bottle and spray it onto your yoga mat to experience the fresh scent while you practice.  After, spray your mat and wipe it with a slightly damp cloth to clean and deodorise it.

Available in two blends:

Citrus Burst: This very popular spray is a blend of seven citrus essential oils that will give you a beautiful burst of citrus 

Grounded Zen: Only released in April, this blend contains the same citrus oils as Citrus Burst, with the addition of patchouli and cedarwood to bring a sense of calm and balance.