Sweet Biscuits

Island Bakery Organics Stand: N63


The ingredients list is short and sweet, just like these shortbread biscuits. Our bakers skilfully blend four basic ingredients, to deliver just the right balance of crunch, sweetness and the rich butter taste you can only get from an all-butter recipe. Less is more when it comes to shortbread!


Lemon Melts

Our bestselling favourites! Without a doubt, these are our most popular creation. One taste and you will discover why. The zesty lemon biscuit is the perfect foil for the rich, sweet blanket of white chocolate, and the melt in the mouth texture adds to the joy.


Apple Crumbles

The biscuit that Joe is most proud of. All the comforting flavour of a piping hit, home-baked apple crumble. Apple Crumbles have it all – rich butter flavour, jumbo oats cinnamon spice, sugary crunch and chewy apple pieces.


Oat Crumbles

Less sweet than the rest, yet sweet enough to satisfy a tea-time craving, and substantial enough with their jumbo oats, butter and honey, to keep you going for a while.


Lime Melts

A more sophisticated sister to our Lemon melts, with line oil and organic dark chocolate.


Chocolate Gingers

Chocolate Gingers are the connoisseur’s choice. The biscuit cognoscenti are attracted to the generous chunk of stem ginger peeking out from beneath dark chocolate drapery, nestling on a subtly spiced ginger biscuit.


Blonde Chocaccinos

All butter biscuits with coffee bean pieces and cinnamon spice, dunked in creamy organic white chocolate.


Orange Melts

Another citrus sister, this time with zesty organic orange oil and heavenly milk chocolate.


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