Pure Quarter Zip

Outdoor Knitwear Stand: B90
Pure Quarter Zip
Pure Quarter Zip

Ecosse Pure – crafted from 100% Natural, Organic, British Wool - no dyes, no chemicals and with a significantly lower carbon footprint than manmade fibres.

Available only as nature intended, Ecosse Pure’s shades and hues come entirely from the colour of the wool fleece on the sheep’s back - there are a number of varieties of Welsh Mountain sheep, named for their locality of origin or their appearance. The standard Welsh Mountain sheep is an ‘oatmeal’ type colour. We use this fleece to make our Light Grey Welsh sweaters. Black Welsh Mountain sheep (Defaid Mynydd Duon) are a much darker shade – dark brown, even. We use this fleece to make our Dark Grey Welsh sweaters.

Once an endangered breed, the Welsh Mountain sheep’s future is now assured due to an increase in demand for the natural wool products that these beautiful animals provide. Well suited to the harsh environment of the Welsh Mountains, the sheep are kept on the hills and open mountainsides all year, being herded up using traditional shepherding methods a few times each year. Most flocks are descended from sheep that have grazed the same mountains for generations.

The natural properties are perfect for creating warm, durable and comfortable sweaters. Every garment is unique. The wool contains natural oils (lanolins), which shrug off dirt and sheds water droplets. Biodegradable and ecologically friendly, Ecosse Pure sweaters are hard wearing, long-lasting and a beautiful addition to your clothing wardrobe


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