28 Jul 2022

Pocket Perch

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Pocket Perch Pocket Perch Pocket Perch

Sit mat: four layers of waterproof thermal protection

This comfy sit mat is a waterproof portable cushion, that fits in your pocket. Has a waterproof back, soft quilted inner and fabric top, to protect your bottom from damp, dirty, dusty benches, logs, rocks, grass, or anywhere you fancy sitting outdoors. Ideal for walkers, hikers, camping or just taking in a beautiful view.

Small enough to carry, large enough to protect, handmade in the UK

Size: 40x40x.7cm

Materials: Cotton mix top, thermal inner layer and a waterproof back.
Fully machine washable, the Pocket Perch stays waterproof even after washing there's no need to reproof.
Roll for ease of carrying and fastened with Velcro on a webbed strap, the Pocket Perch can fit in a jacket pocket, handbag or rucksack and weighs less than a mobile phone. Can hang from a belt strap, or attach with a carabiner for a multitude of options.

Low minimum order: 6

9 Designs to chose from.