Past Present Spoon Rings

Milomade Stand: AC24
Past Present Spoon Rings
Past Present Spoon Rings
Past Present Spoon Rings

All the rings in this collection are made from the stems of antique sterling silver teaspoons. The collection focuses on historical details and desgins from the past and brings them in to the present to give them a new meaning and lease of life.

Beautiful heirlooms from one generation are cleverly reinvented for the next, allowing people to literally wear a piece of history today.

All the rings are open and adjustable and can be sized to most UK ring sizes. They are all sterling silver and bear the hallmark of the original maker. The provenance information is outlined in a card that comes with each ring at the point of sale.

These spoon rings come in a wide range of designs in small limited editions sets of up to 6 rings. This rarity gives the rings a unique selling point and exclusivity. Once sold, a design is rarely stocked again, so it's best to snap them up when you can.

There are approximately 20 designs available wholesale at any one time and new designs are added periodically to replace those that have sold out.


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