Oval Soap Dish

Zoe Scott Designs Stand: CG52
  • Oval Soap Dish
  • Oval Soap Dish
Oval Soap Dish Oval Soap Dish

I love the new wave of organic, vegan handmade soaps that are being made in Scotland. These oval concrete soaps dishes are the perfect dish for them. A medium size great for smaller rectangular, oval or circular bars.

Waxed and polished to a soft sheen to be waterproof and with drainage holes so they don’t go slimy. Available in the new shades…

  • Blue marble - white and blue concrete swirled to perfection and waxed.
  • Blush marble - white and warm peach concrete ribbon with waxed finish.
  • Candyfloss sparkle - white concrete containing subtle fuchsia pink and silver sparkles, waxed.
  • Elsa - a one off batch of pale blue concrete marbled with white concrete containing plenty of blue sparkles!

Measures 13cm x 9cm x 1cm