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29 Nov 2023

Lavender bags

Helen Chatterton Textiles Stand: CG20
  • Lavender bags
  • Lavender bags
  • Lavender bags
Lavender bags Lavender bags Lavender bags


HCT make three types of lavender bags, Harris Tweed, Liberty Tana Lawn and City on Cloth. 

The Liberty Tana Lawn and the Harris Tweed lavender bags are made from the surplus fabric created when making Helen's skinny scarves.  

The City on Cloth lavender bags are a later addition. When visiting the silk printers in Macclesfield to collect some of the City on Cloth scarves, Helen was shown some surplus from her fabrics and asked if she wanted it. She did, took it to her workshop, cut it up and started to make lavender bags from them, just to try out. They have been so successful that since that first batch, for every new scarf that is printed, Helen asks the printers to print extra on any spare bits of silk left while printing the maps. They have been sold in many shops, galleries and even a famous perfume house in the South of France!