Just Plain Fudge Gift Cube

The Ochil Fudge Pantry Stand: M34
Just Plain Fudge Gift Cube
Just Plain Fudge Gift Cube

The original. The classic. Some say the best. Luxurious, creamy and indulgent. Traditional, smooth and Great Taste award-winning. Or as we call it, Just Plain Fudge.

Made by hand in our kitchen in Alloa, all of our fudge is hand-beaten to stretch out the sugar crystals to perfection which gives our fudge a silky-smooth finish. Our Just Plain fudge follows a traditional recipe to give it that truly authentic taste of a hand-made treat.

Our Just Plain Fudge is part of our Great Taste Award-winning collection and with its perfect combination of creamy and crumbly goodness, it’s easy to see why. This silky smooth has been refined over many years to make a Fudge that is truly delicious.

Presented in clear hand-tied bags that show the true quality of the fudge that has been carefully made by hand, making them a perfect gift item.


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