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Island Bakery Organics Stand: N63

Classic Recipe Shortbread 175g

A perfect balance of crunch, sweetness and the rich butter taste you can only get from an all butter recipe. Our classic shortbread is the purist’s choice, and every bit as delectable as our more creative recipes.


Orange, Cranberry & Pecan Shortbread 215g 

A bright and lively orange taste underpins the contrasting textures of soft, chewy cranberries, gently yielding pecan nuts, and light, crisp, all-butter shortbread. The tart cranberries lend a piquant counterpoint to the creamy pecans and butteriness of the biscuit. The orange flavour comes from the natural oil extracted from the zest of the fruit, and like all our ingredients, is organic.


Peanut, Chocolate Chip & Toffee Shortbread 215g

Enticing nuggets of toffee, crunchy peanuts and melt-in-the mouth dark chocolate chips combine in our all butter shortbread. The flavour profile delivers a biscuity interpretation of a popular chocolate bar (guess which one?).

It certainly wouldn’t take a marathon effort to overindulge in these! Luckily all of our tins have two individually sealed packets of biscuits inside, so those lacking in willpower get a little support.


Date & Walnut Shortbread 215g

Our buttery shortbread base is the perfect support to this classic fruit and nut combination. The sweet, sticky richness of dates is balanced by the mild creaminess of walnuts. These shortbread biscuits have a varied texture with dates providing a chewy foil to the delicate crumbly walnuts.

Lemon Melts 180g

These Very Important Biscuits are not shortbreads, but they are our most popular product. Lemon Melts have earned a place in the tin collection because the Lemon Melt devotee wants to show their nearest and dearest what excellent taste they have when offering them a gift. Of course this has the added advantage that they don’t have to share their own supply.