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25 Feb 2021

Unusual gifts for book lovers everywhere

Unusual gifts for book lovers everywhere
Thumb book holders in 8 designs
Thumb book holders to take the strain out of reading

Our thumb book holders are carved from sustainably sourced beech hardwood, and laser engraved with a choice of messages. The centre opening fits over your thumb, allowing the holder to keep the pages open as you read, freeing up your other hand for your cuppa or favourite tipple. A perfect gift for any book lover!

Choose from:

  • Bedtime story
  • Book lover
  • Bookworm
  • I'm losing the plot!
  • Lose my place and I'll ... rearrange your face (double sided)
  • Lost in a good book
  • Plot twist
  • Story of my life

The thumb hole is available in 3 sizes - large (2.5 cm), medium (2.2 cm) and small (1.9 cm). If in doubt, we'd recommend the medium, as that should fit most people comfortably.