Press Releases

30 Nov 2023

Customworks is Going Green!

Customworks is Going Green!
Our new plastic-free packaging!

We're thrilled to announce a significant stride towards sustainability by introducing plastic-free packaging for five of our core products: pocket mirrors, keyrings, badge sets, magnetic bookmarks, and fridge magnets. With our customers' support, we can prevent the use of 1.6 million plastic bags across these five products alone.

But that's not all—we've gone a step further by incorporating recycled materials into many of our core products. Embracing an eco-conscious approach, we now use 25% recycled magnets, 100% recycled card for our bookmarks, and opt for metal casings over plastic for our button badges. 

We are committed to expanding the use of plastic-free packaging across our product range. Continuously exploring innovative approaches, we actively seek opportunities to integrate eco-friendly materials into the manufacturing of our products.