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09 Jun 2019

A New Exhibitor: Pitlochry Festival Theatre

A New Exhibitor: Pitlochry Festival Theatre
A short description of a new artist exhibiting at the theatre throughout 2019:

TIM COTTEE is a Graphic artist based in East Lothian.  His interest in art was evident from a young age.  He completed a foundation year at Telford College in Edinburgh and subsequently graduated in Graphic Design at Falmouth College of Art.  After many years working in various industries, he decided to revisit his artistic origins and began creating art once more.  Tim has exhibited in East Lothian, the Borders, and has just recently completed a 3 month solo exhibition at the Wild Space’s Alan Reece Gallery in Pitlochry. His pieces are inspired by the contradictions of our current world.  A world filled with technology, screens and text, which we seem to crave whilst almost forgetting the wonders of nature that surrounds us.  Tim’s pictures are created principally using typography; text is manipulated to create an image, creating a different take on the old saying: ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’.  The art pieces pay particular attention to detail, form and colour to create the unique atmosphere and mood that exists within Scotland’s landscapes and native wildlife.  The inclusion of text and informative information in the main image is also designed to encourage viewers to take a much closer look. The Iconic series looks at the major natural features of Scotland with classical Scottish animals chosen to represent each main group. A squirrel (Forest Dweller), fashioned from the names of the important forests and woods represents Scotland’s woodlands;  leaping salmon (River Runner) formed from the names of rivers, the important waterways; a stag (Monarch of the Glen) the glens; while a sheep (Woolly Munro) is shaped from Scotland’s famous 282 Munros (mountains with a height over 3000 feet or 914.4m).  The Wild Series uses quotations from the early writings of John Muir, the father of the national park movement, to form the image of a famous Scottish wild animal.  Each animal in turn is set against a background having a reference to land owned or managed by the John Muir Trust. Two of the Tim’s Wild Series are on display – a slightly startled hare ((Nature’s Peace), and a Scottish wild cat staring out fixedly at the viewer (All Nature’s Wildness).  One example of Tim’s Town and Country Series is also on display.  The famous highland cow, (Messy Coo) is created entirely from just the two words ‘Highland Coo’. If you want to find out more about the artist, or see examples of his work visit: or Facebook (@TcotteeArt) or instagram (#TCotteeArt).