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Yolla.studio specialises in handcrafted polymer clay earrings and screen printed textiles. All earrings are handmade from lightweight polymer clay and good quality fittings. Designs are bold and unique made in very small batches. All bags and purses are screen printed and sewn in our home studio in Dundee, incorporating quirky and abstract designs creating one of a kind pieces. All prints are printed with water based inks free of chemicals and solvents. 


United Kingdom
Screen printed cosmetic bags
Screen printed on cotton canvas fabric, these cosmetic bags come in different patterns and sizes for every taste and need. 
Screen printed crossbody bags
Hand printed pattern on cotton canvas fabric turned into a gorgeous and trendy crossbody bag with an adjustable strap. Modern and bold design combined with comfort and elegance. 
Screen printed tshirt
Screen printed tshirts are all printed on 100% organic cotton tshirts using water based inks free of chemicals and solvents. Featuring quirky and eye catching designs they are perfect to cheer everyon …
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    Yolla.Studio Brochure
    Welcome to the vibrant world of Yolla.Studio, where artistic imagination knows no bounds. Founded by Lilyana in 2022, our small business is a haven for those who seek to stand out with confidence and …
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