Westray Bakehouse

Stand: N15 & M16

WFM Brown Ltd trades as 'The Westray Bakehouse', a family run business which has been baking savoury biscuits for cheese and shortbread since 1892

Our 4th and 5th generation bakers Duncan and Anna, a father and daughter team, pride themselves in bringing high quality Westray biscuits to some of the best shops, delis, farm shops and garden centres in Britain




United Kingdom
Parkin Biscuits
Parkin Biscuits full of ginger and spice and all things nice
Shortbread Biscuits
A melt in the mouth Shortbread which has gained much praise and a loyal following
Shortbread Round
Our Shortbread rounds were traditionally only made at Christmas with Nanna piping Happy Christmas greetings in icing. The Westray farmers would bring their own butter to the bakehouse to have their ow …
Cabin Biscuits
Once called a Ship's Biscuit or Hard Tack our Cabin biscuit has been made by WFM Brown's since the late 1800's. In days gone by it would have been taken to sea in barrels as its dry texture helped it …
Westray Oatcakes
A rustic handmade looking oatcake wiith a crispy bite and a rough oaty texture, a great match for your cheese board
Butter Biscuits
A traditional small Butter biscuit, once made at twice the size. Can be eaten on its own or with butter and cheese
Flakey Biscuits
Flakey Biscuits, Orkney's staple diet. This biscuit has been made for generations in Orkney. A puff pastry biscuit as flakey as its name. Generations of orcadians have grown up with this biscuit
Water Biscuits
Water biscuits, our best seller, a crisp cracker suitable for cheese. A recipe adapted from an old family recipe - not like other water biscuits - a definite must try.
Beremeal Crackers
Made with Beremeal, an ancient barley, grown and milled in Orkney,  A savoury cracker with a nutty taste from the toasted bere barley
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