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West Highland Tea Company

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West Highland Tea Company

The West Highland Tea Company is a small family run business founded in Mallaig by art graduate Rachael Robertson in April 2020. The company takes pride in its place-based brand and tea blends. Offering over 45 different teas and infusions, the range includes 10 specially formulated hand-blended varieties. As Rachael explains, ‘I’ve loved being able to create delicious recipes that are unique and specific to my brand.’


As well as showcasing the wonderful variety of teas and infusions, the brand aims to celebrate the Highlands of Scotland. ‘We want to be able to offer our customers not only an exciting range of teas & tea-ware but also to showcase unique tasting experiences that celebrate the Highlands. Our special blends include West Highland Earl Grey, Faerie Glen, Munro Blend, and Sleepy Ewe teas.’


From its beginnings as an online store and presence at local markets, the company now sells to customers across the UK and beyond, with a dedicated shop in Mallaig and stockists across the Highlands. ‘I’ve been delighted to develop a brand with a strong sense of local & Scottish identity. My company logo features the famous Glenfinnan Viaduct & the steam train which visits our village, bringing great joy to visitors year after year - a sentiment we hope to reflect in our teas. I’ve really enjoyed being able to incorporate a highland twist into my blends and labelling. We have thoroughly enjoyed this journey so far and look forward to continuing to grow and reach more people.’


United Kingdom

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  • Complementing the citrus in Earl Grey, we paired this tea with other citrus herbals such as orange peel, lemon verbena and orange blossom. We’ve infused Natural Honey Essence into this blend to sweete ...
  • Our Special Herbal Blend, Highland Fling Tea, is one of our favourites. We like to imagine this blend as a taste of Highland culture. This relaxing herbal tea tastes great with a spoon of honey. It’s ...
  • This hand blended Earl Grey comes together with a Highland Twist! Beautiful citrus flavours and the floral taste of heather help create a gentle, aromatic, and flavourful Earl Grey.
  • Named after the entrancing Faerie Glen on the Isle of Skye, this tea is as enchanting as it looks! This purple infusion of herbal flavours is refreshingly fruity with a touch of mint.  
  • A smokey black tea blend, perfect for those bothy adventures after a hard day on the mountain.
  • This tea is great for relaxing in the evening, aromatic Lavender is complemented by sweet strawberry, Chamomile flowers and Lemon Verbena.
  • Herbal and aromatic, the taste of earthy rhubarb root is beautifully complemented by raspberry leaf and a gentle touch of ginger.
  • Hearty and wholesome, our Scottish Breakfast tea is a strong blend made for Scottish water. 
  • Price List Updated Between February & April Each Year. Valid Until New Trade List is Issued. Online Ordering System, enquire for more details.