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With 21 years of protecting historic properties, palaces and fine homes from clothes moths naturally, Vogue recommended Total Wardrobe Care offers sophisticated home fragrance gifts and products which we love but moths hate, anti-moth treatment products for all of the home's natural fibres and fantastic clothing storage solutions, designed by Wardrobe Curator to the stars Julia Dee.   

British based Total Wardrobe Care is delighted to be helping to protect Scotland's rich textile heritage and is now being stocked by many of Scotland's finest textile retailers.  From highland wear, to fine knitwear, gift, oriental rugs, blankets and tailors.  We are now also in Wales’ national Musuem of Wool gift shop.  Last year we were proud to collaborate with companies and organisations such as British Wool, Linwood Fabrics,  Randolph Housekeeping, Jumper 1234 and Luella Fashion.

We are delighted to be launching our new Kilt Care Kits, which have been designed in collaboration with kiltmakers.  Our storage bags are recommended by The House of Edgar - a gift every kilt owner would love!  And see our new luxury eco Laundry Liquid wih anti moth properties, recently launched at Fortnum and Mason's and is part of our new Cashmere Care Sets, available now on Trade.

We would love to meet companies that are keen to offer textile care ranges and gifts that fine textile lovers will really appreciate.  The eco products help secure fine textile sales and support sustainability missions.  



Lower Farringdon
United Kingdom
Textile Care products - including our best selling Telegraph recommended debobbling comb
Designed by Wardrobe Curator to the stars Julia Dee we offer a great selection of sophisticated products to care for textiles including clothes, rugs and blankets.   Products include coat hangers, sto …
Cedarwood anti moth gifts - popular with men
As well as looking great these best selling items are great to sell alongside natural fibres to help secure sales.  Our Cedar ball sets come with the essential Cedar Refresher Spray as the balls need …
Anti moth treatment products without the chemical - all home textiles, including rugs, carpets, upholstery.
Eco Anti Moth Treatment products - highly effective killer spray, moth boxes and refill packs - protecting clothes, rug and all textiles.  Better for you, your pets and your textiles!  
NEW Luxury Laundry Liquid - with anti moth properties - launched at Fortnum and Masons & recently promoted by Jumper 1224 and Luella Fashion
Recently launched at Fortunum and Masons,  this special laundry liquid, with the highest eco credentials, is perfect for washing your special cashmere, wool and silk.  Contains anti moth properties, A …
Sophisitcated home fragerances which also repel moths naturally
Best sellers: Hanging and Draw Sachets in a choice of three sophisticated essential oil based fragerances and our popular fabric and room Cedarwood Spray,
Kilt Care products - launching NEW Kilt Care Kits!  The kilt bags  are recommended by The House of Edgar
NEW Kilt Care Kits and seperate highland wear products. Care of the highland wear is crucial to protect it for generations to come and avoid costly repairs.
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