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We sell socks!

Our family business focuses on designing personality-led socks with a nod to British and European humour and culture.

We pride ourselves on having a sock for everyone with our various range of designs and sizes to fit all humans. As well as the choices we offer, the durability of our cotton blend and, more than anything, our sense of humour doing it.

After receiving amazing feedback from our loyal and eccentric customers over the years, we decided to ban the genders, along with plastic hooks!

 Our passion is to translate familiar cultural icons, sports, hobbies, and more, into ...



Market Harborough
United Kingdom
Sock Ness Monster Socks
Get your feet ready for an adventure with our Sock Ness Monster socks! Featuring a playful twist on the iconic loch ness monster, these socks are sure to make a splash and keep your feet comfortable a …
Och Aye the Moo Socks
Och aye the moo, these socks are for you! Be seen and herd in these Highland cow socks.
Edinburgh Castle Socks
Transport your feet to the majestic landscapes of Scotland with our Edinburgh Castle socks! These socks are not just an accessory; they're a wearable piece of history and culture. The exquisite design …
Kilt Bum Socks
Step into the playful world of whimsical fashion with our Kilt Bum Socks. Elevate your sock game with a hilarious twist, as these socks showcase a charming Scottish piper adding a touch of cheeky humo …
William Wallace Socks
Unleash the spirit of freedom with our William Wallace Socks! These socks are more than just a fashion statement; they encapsulate the powerful words of Scotland's legendary hero, William Wallace. Fea …
Highland Cow Socks
Embark on a cozy journey with our Highland Cow socks—a delightful blend of comfort and Scottish charm! Crafted with care, these socks feature an adorable Highland Cow design that adds a touch of whims …
Piper Socks
Step into the rhythm of Scotland with our Scottish Bagpiper Socks! Designed to capture the essence of Scottish tradition, these socks feature an intricate illustration of a bagpiper in action. Crafted …
Thistle Socks
Step into the world of Scottish elegance with our Scottish Thistle Socks! These socks are not just an accessory; they're a tribute to Scotland's national emblem, the majestic thistle. Embrace the char …
Scottish Bunting Socks
Elevate your sock collection with a touch of Scottish pride – introducing our Scottish Flag Bunting Socks! These uniquely designed socks showcase the iconic Saltire flag in a charming bunting pattern, …
Sheep Lover Socks
Indulge your love for these fluffy wonders with our Sheep Lover Socks!
Polar Bears Socks
The cutest polar bear socks with their cubs!
I Am Not a Hamster Socks
Did you know there are 13 different breeds of these fluffy fellas? Neither did we, but we do know these Guinea Pig socks are much easier to take care of than the real thing. Now in three different col …
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