Rora Dairy

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rora dairy produces a range of pure Scottish yogurts on their organic family farm in Aberdeenshire. It was established in 2017 by Jane Mackie and her husband Bruce.  

The yogurts are made with organic milk and live culture in small batches, without the addition of unnecessary sugar or additives. They use a range of Scottish fruits to flavour the yogurts, ensuring a healthy carbon footprint. All of the milk used in the yogurts is from the farm’s free-roaming, grass-fed cows.

Sustainability is at the heart of the brand with the development of new woodland areas and the use of wind and solar power on the farm.

rora dairy has two new products almost ready to launch in 2024 which we would love people to come and taste at Speciality: an organic KEFIR YOGURT and a  HIGH PROTEIN DRINK.



United Kingdom
Rora Dairy Greek Style Yogurt
rora dairy Greek style yogurt is made with organic milk and live culture. It is made in a traditional method by straining the yogurt over time to produce a thick, creamy product that is perfect on its …
Rora Dairy natural yogurt
rora dairy natural yogurt is a fantastic mild every day natural yogurt. It is made using non homogenised milk and live culture in small batches. This versatile product comes in a variety of sizes suit …
Rora Dairy Scottish Raspberry Yogurt
rora dairy Scottish Raspberry Live yogurt is made with 15% Scottish raspberries. It is loved by many as it tastes simply fresh and delicious.
Rora Dairy Scottish strawberry yogurt
rora dairy Scottish Strawberry live yogurt contains 15% Scottish strawberries, which is the highest amount of fruit of any yogurt. It contains live culture and is simply delicious. Enjoy for a healthy …
Rora Dairy Scottish honey yogurt
rora dairy Scottish honey yogurt is available in both 490g pots in our original packaging ¬†and 150g pots which have been very popular with retail as they are perfect for an individual serving. The hon …
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