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Stand: L15

At Pigment, creativity drives everything we do. 

We’re joy bringers, memory messengers and moment catchers. It’s our mission to help spread a bit of happiness and put a smile on the face of millions with positive humour, modern sentiment and great art greeting cards.

Whether you are looking for something new to your Greeting Card Range or have a Card Plan and want to add something new to it we have ranges for you. 


United Kingdom


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  • New!!!

    25 Oct 2023
    Our brand new humour range - 12 new open cards to raise a smile...or an eyebrow!
  • At Pigment we are known for our Photographic Humour and with new designs in our Riff Raff, Rib Ticklers, Fleet Street and Animal Antics ranges we have something to make yiur customers laugh
  • Our Life and Times, Cukoo and Etched ranges give our humour a different look and poke fun at some of the things that life throws at us! 
  • Our Love Unlimited, Ickle Gems amd Pinot Grigio ranges offer a softer approach to humour but still put a smile on your customers faces! 
  • With new designs Life in Pencil and Artisan Days our Art Ranges are growing year on year 
  • Adding a bit of colour and trend to your ranges with new designs in our Happy Jackson, Ping amd Alice Scott ranges. 
  • Adding a different look to your Occasions cards in store we have a stong range of Occasions cards to mirror the open and birthday ranges
  • Age cards from Happy Jackson, Art & Crafts, Ping, Etched, Alice Scott, Pigment Funnworks and more we have a different range for time you turn 21 again! 
  • Our relations ranges give you the opportunity to tell that family member how you really feel about them on their birthday .....
  • Our Premium Fox & Butler brand offering a high quality finish for that Special Occasion
  • Our Mindfulness Journals are new to the Show. Beautifully illustrated journals editorially rich in content on every page you turn 
  • If you are going to write it down write it down on quality paper in a quality notebook with Fox & Butler's Stationery Range. With A5, A6, Jotter Block and Slim Line Note to Self these notebooks make f ...
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