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Reflecting the boldness of our Norse ancestors, our award winning Kirkjuvagr Orkney gin range is hand crafted and distilled at The Orkney Distillery and Visitor Centre on the historic harbour front of Orkney's ancient capital, Kirkwall.

The foundations of our brand are Orkney’s Norse heritage and the seafaring traditions of the islands. We have sought to create a range of gins that are contemporary in flavour - each gin characterised by the use of locally grown botanicals, allowing us to produce a spirit that is 'Unmistakably Orcadian'


United Kingdom
Yuletide - Christmas Spiced Orkney Gin 40% ABV 70CL
Full of mouth-watering winter spice, fruit and floral notes inspired by Orcadian Christmas traditions and the Orkney archipelago’s Viking heritage. It’s a wonderfully festive Christmas gin that any gi …
Beyla - Honey & Raspberry Old Tom 40% ABV 70cl
In Norse mythology, Beyla was the goddess of bees, with a strong connection to the earth.   At Orkney Distilling, we share her bond with the land, growing our botanicals here in the islands, where the …
Aurora Spiced Gin 42% 70cl
In Orkney, the appearance of the Aurora Borialis, or Northern Lights, marks the start of our journey towards the long, dark nights of an island winter.  The almost endless days of our summer means tha …
Arkh-Angell Storm Strength 57% ABV 70cl
Arkh-Angell is our Navy Strength gin and pays homage to the proud seafaring heritage of Orkney. It retains the smoothness and characteristics of our original Kirkjuvagr, but at 57% ABV, the increased …
Kirkjuvagr Origin 43% ABV 70cl
Reflecting the boldness of our Norse ancestors, the clarity of our seas and the purity of our air, Kirkjuvagr is a hand-crafted Orkney gin for the modern, discerning gin enthusiast.   Nose: Fresh like …
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