Nana Kat's Apothecary

Stand: LG12

Nana Kat’s Apothecary creates award winning all-natural, vegan and sustainable Skincare carefully hand-crafted in our Apothecary inspired by plant lore and folk herbalism. We are a small family-run business, an artist, a plant lover & a medical herbalist based on the East Coast of Scotland.

We are inspired by Scottish landscapes, Scottish folk stories and a desire to live and craft mindfully alongside nature. We take great joy in using botanicals that can be found in the hedgerows and woods, such as Rosehips, Dandelion and Chamomile. Many of our carefully crafted skincare products are named after Scottish folk tales and their deep links to nature.

We are passionately against the idea that skincare should ever include the term ‘anti-ageing’, which suggests that ageing is a problem. We believe that no one should ever apologise for ageing and with age comes wisdom, and the story of life. So we make skincare for ‘Wise & Mature Skin’ as well as skincare suitable for other skin types.

Our sustainability values can be found in our recyclable and/or reusable packaging, ethically sourced ingredients and when possible the use of ‘upcycled’ ingredients- such as Apricot Oil, a byproduct made from the jam industry.

We make a range of skincare including; Facial Oil Elixirs, Facial Clay Mask Tonics, Hydrosol Facial Toners, Oil to Milk Facial Cleanser, Botanical Bath Salts, Body Oils and Lip Balms


United Kingdom
  • Wellbeing & Candles

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