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Evie Milo specialises in salvaging and repurposing British hallmarked antique silverware, from which she handcrafts unique and limited edition pieces of jewellery. Collections inspired by the Scottish coast, historic heirlooms and enduring love are meticulously handcrafted in her clifftop studio in Fife.

Her new Woodland Collection, which is a step sideways from silverware, focuses very much on her passion for working with recycled materials. Beautiful bright recycled glass beads are teamed with industry offcuts of copper/brass as well as 100% recycled EcoSilver to create a range of acorn and oak leaf jewellery perfect for Autumn, but also suitable to be worn all year round.

Her quirky Top Brass Lapel Pins are a best seller and at the Autumn show were teamed up with her new range of Brass Plant Markers. These got so much attention at the Autumn show that Evie received an unprecedented amount of orders for both Pins and Plant Markers in the run up to Christmas. You should definitely check them out!


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  • This Brass Plant Markers get a lot of laughs and with 10 designs to choose from there's something to cater for all tastes.
  • The statement piece of the collection is the Flotsam Pendant, made up of seven separate elements which capture the textures found on any coastal walk or adventure.
  • These statement rings are handcrafted from two unique pieces of recycled silver that are textured to mirror the ripples in water and the patterns in sand, rocks and pebbles.
  • Inspired by the ripples in water, each of these bangles is totally unique. Bands of hammered recycled EcoSilver are tapered at each end and curved round to form an adjustable open bangle.
  • The Seafoam range comprises of studs, drops, a statement ring and a necklet. The silver is drilled randomly to mimic the bubbling seafoam that washes around your toes on the beach.
  • This Rockpool range is the best seller of my Echoes Collection and consists of a pendant, earrings, bangle and pin which all complement each other beautifully.
  • Delicate, lightweight and long, these textured necklets are inspired by sea urchin fragments found on the beach. Beautifully textured and made from the flattened bowls of antique sterling silver teasp ...
  • The play on words in the title for this collection refers to items from the past brought into the present, as well as items that can be gifted.
  • Woodland Collection 'Oak Leaf Earrings' available in either Silver, Brass or Oxidised Copper.
  • Woodland Collection 'Acorn Pendants' available in 5 different colours and 3 choices of metal - Sterling Silver, Brass and Oxidised Copper.
  • Woodland Collection 'Oak Leaf Pendants' made from 100% recycled silver, brass and copper.
  • My brass lapel pins are handcrafted with love and skill from thick brass sheet industry off-cuts and its very clear in this instance, that one man's trash is definitely another man's treasure.
  • Oak leaves and acorns predominate this collection. Earrings and pendants featuring beautiful recycled glass beads mixed with copper, brass and silver elements are perfect for Autumn.
  • My Echoes collection is inspired by the Scottish coast. This brochure outlines the inspiration behind the collection and showcases the full range of pieces.
  • With busy lifestyles and work schedules it’s often easy to fall into making do with mass manufactured goods, but why settle for something mediocre when you can have something magnificent and Milomade!
  • The play on words in the title for this collection refers to items from the past brought into the present, as well as items that can be gifted.
  • These funny plant markers are new to my range of decorative pieces made from recycled materials. I work with industry off-cuts of brass, so it’s someone else's waste which I think, quite frankly, is t ...
  • When you put on one of my spoon rings, you're wearing a piece of history. This video shows the making of one of my most popular designs. It's beautiful and sleek, smooth and very very shiny.
  • In this short film I talk about my passion for recycling, the inspiration behind my jewellery and why I choose to work with salvaged antique silver.
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