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Evie Milo specialises in salvaging and repurposing British hallmarked antique silverware, from which she handcrafts unique and limited edition pieces of jewellery. Collections inspired by the Scottish coast and historic heirlooms are meticulously handcrafted in her clifftop studio in Fife.

NEW THIS AUTUMN - Evie has re-designed her Woodland collection to feature beautiful peacock agate beads in a range of sizes and autumnal hues. New pendant and earring designs are now available.

Evie is best known for her range of sterling silver spoon rings which come is small limited edition sets. New designs are launched at the Spring show each year and these sell out quickly.

Her range of Whale Fluke necklets is now available wholesale. Handcrafted from the bowls of antique sterling silver teaspoons, they are released periodically in small batches and each whale fluke is totally unique - order quickly before they sell out.

Quirky Top Brass Lapel Pins and humorous Brass Plant Markers are a side step from fine jewellery making for Evie, but these products are among her best sellers. The pieces are all handcrafted from recycled industry offcuts of brass, which goes to show that one person's trash is another's treasure. Evie cleverly takes someone else's waste and transforms it beautifully.

Nothing is wasted in her making process. Her motto, after all is... Too Good To Waste!


United Kingdom
Woodland Acorn Pendants
Available in three sizes on three different chain lengths, each one of these acorn pendants in unique.
Woodland Leaf Earrings
Taking the smallest size of leaf in the collection, these oak leaf earrings are dainty and light. Available in recycled silver, oxidised copper and brass.
Woodland Acorn Earrings
Tiny 8mm Peacock Agate beads are used to make these lovely acorn earrings.
Woodland Leaf Pendants
Available as single oak leaves or as a cluster of three. The leaves are made from silver, oxidised copper and brass.
Past Present Spoon Rings
The play on words in the title for this collection refers to items from the past brought into the present, as well as items that can be gifted.
Past Present Spoon Rings
There are 20 new spoon ring designs launching at the Spring show. They come is small limited edition batches - so be quick and order before they sell out.
Past Present Spoon Rings
Utilitarian objects are designed to be useful rather than attractive. Here the utilitarian is transformed from function to beauty. The original purpose is now a memory.
Past Present Spoon Rings
Pick from 20 spoon rings designs ar the Spring show. They come is small batches of 8 or less and will sell out quickly.
Echoes Collection Pendants
Handcrafted from flattened recycled sterling silver teaspoons and EcoSilver wire and sheet, each one of these pendants is totally unique.
Echoes Collection Rings
Taking inspiration from the Scottish coast, these statement rings capture the essence of any beach walk through their different textures.
Echoes Collection Bangles
There are three different bangle in my Echoes collection. They all follow the same shape template, but are all incredibly different.
Echoes Collection Earrings
From studs to statement drops, there are plenty of different earrings to choose from in this collection
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    Wear a piece of history today...
    When you put on one of my spoon rings, you're wearing a piece of history. This video shows the making of one of my most popular designs. It's beautiful and sleek, smooth and very very shiny.
    A short film about Milomade
    In this short film I talk about my passion for recycling, the inspiration behind my jewellery and why I choose to work with salvaged antique silver.
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