Lindsey Gallacher Jewellery

Stand: D64

Handmade contemporary jewellery that is a complete contrast to the typical tartan and highland cow theme that dominates Scottish design. Lindsey combines Caithness flagstone from the far north of Scotland with precious metals to create sleek contemporary and timeless jewellery. Wearable pieces for every day and special occasions. Her 'Special Places' range uses pebbles and stones from customers favourite locations. These unique pieces connect the wearer to place. This concept is possible on a bigger scale for all locations around the world.


United Kingdom
No7 studs and no18 pendant
Using customers own found stone, a pair of earrings and matching pendant have been made from the one pebble by cutting the stone and making the settings to fit bespoke with sterling silver
No5 studs - customers own stone
These popular studs are the smallest items in the range and are individually handmade using silver and customers own stone. Depending on the type of rock, the effects/colour range greatly.    
Cascading drop earrings - sterling silver and Caithness flagstone
This pair of drop earrings make a real statement! Individual pieces made by hand by Lindsey using silver and locally sourced Caithness flagstone.
No10 studs - Caithness flagstone and sterling silver
Handmade no10 studs (10 being the diameter in millimetres) made from sterling silver and handcut locally sourced Caithness flagstone
Caithness flagstone cufflinks
Handmade Sterling silver cufflinks made with locally sourced Caithness flagstone. 
No7 studs - sterling silver and Caithness flagstone
Handmade sterling silver studs with locally sourced Caithness flagstone
No7 ring - caithness flagstone and sterling silver
Handmade silver rings incorporating locally sourced Caithness flagstone that look great on their own, next to other silver rings or as a stack.
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