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Kirsti Hannah Brown Ceramics

Kirsti Hannah Brown Ceramics

Inspired by a love of Western Celtic shorelines and seascapes I hand build ceramic vessels fired to stoneware temperature. Shapes are figurative, featuring vivid turquoise glaze that reflects the influence of the sea and landscape.

Recent work has been developed from drawings of ancient objects, tools and rock carvings found in coastal regions of Wales and Scotland. I am intrigued by the mystery surrounding these carvings and the fact that humans have always had a desire to leave their creative mark.


United Kingdom

Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • Small and wide bottle in Wave design.
  • Landscape and Seascape glazed bottles in a dark iron clay.
  • Small stoneware vase for flowers.
  • New bottles based on drawing made in Kilmartin Glen. Each bottle has a differnt set of markings and I will be offering a new dark blue, iron glaze. 
  • Smallest and largest bottles in the popular Seascape glaze finish.
  • Glass & Ceramics
  • Interior Accessories