Kate Trouw

Easy to wear, playful jewellery made from surprising materials. Designed and made by architect-turned-designer Kate Trouw in her cliff top studio in Fife, Scotland.

I'm influenced by my coastal location: the natural environment and the industrial history of the Forth. Among others I use found materials such as sea glass and coal and industrial materials like aluminium to create wearable pieces.

Statement jewellery doesn’t have to be full on bling, it can also be tactile and colourful. Proportion, balance and composition can be as effective as glinting stones for those who want to make a quiet statement. I think jewellery should be worn every day with confidence but also ease, so above all my designs are comfortable and versatile. As easy to wear to the park as the party.


United Kingdom
Found Earrings
A selection of Found Earrings
Found Earrings
Aselection from the Found Collection
Mix and Match Treasures
Mix and Match Treasure studs and drops made from gems.
One of a Kind - Flower Earrings
One of a kind earrings made from gems.
Footprint studs
Footprint Studs from the Sea Floor collection
Jellyfish Earrings
Jellyfish Earrings from the Sea Floor collection.
Rockpool Earrings
Rockpool Earrings from the Sea Floor Collection.
Combination Necklace
Combination Necklace from the Mixed Metal collection.
Simple Earrings
Simple Earrings from the Mixed Metal collection.
Union Earrings
Union Earrings from the Mixed Metal collection.
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