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Janus Edinburgh

Stand: E65
Janus Edinburgh

Janus is named for one of the gods of anicent Roman mythology; the god of beginings and endings, of gateways, passages and transitions. Inspired by such a powerful multi-faceted being, Janus Edinburgh ais to embody equally meaningful attributes. 

Celebrating a range of styles and aesthetics, each Janus piece takes inspiration from a certain time or place. Made from Sterling silver, gold vermeil, and 18ct gold, occasionally embellished with semi-precious stones, each piece is designed and beautifully crafted with exquisite detail.


United Kingdom

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  • The simple chain necklace has enjoyed popularity for much of our history, and first appeared in ancient Babylon. Little has changed in the design since then, and this beautifully simplistic necklace c ...
  • The intricately textured and detailed Strata ring takes inspiration from natural rock formations. 
  • Taking inspiration from the fluid grace of sand dunes, the easy undulations of the Ekuma bangle replicate the majesty of these natural phenomena. 

    31 Jan 2022
    The natural inspirations give this ring a minimal elegance whilst simultaneously hinting at the strength of nature. A piece that is sure to delight any who see it.
  • Jewellery