Island Blue Publishing

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At Island Blue Publishing we have been producing distinctive, high quality products inspired by the beauty of the Scottish landscape and the wildlife that inhabits it for over 30 years.

We are well known for our Scottish calendars, as well as our greeting cards, fridge magnets and more. 

We are proud to work with some fantastic creatives such as Scottish photographer Laurie Campbell as well as Scottish artists John Lowrie Morrison and Anthony Barber.


United Kingdom
Photographic Scottish Calendars
We produce a great range of landscape calendar titles for different areas of Scotland.
JOLOMO Calendars
We have been proudly publishing the work of Scottish artist John Lowrie Morrison (Jolomo) for many years now and our Jolomo Calendars are some of our best selling products.
Fridge Magnets
A staple product of ours is our metal Scottish fridge magnets.
Greeting Cards
We publish a diverse range of photographic greeting cards as well as a well loved range featuring the work of artists John Lowrie Morrison and Anthony Barber.
Photographic Coasters
Our photographic coasters are steadily growing in popularity
JOLOMO & Anthony Barber Tableware
We distribute a range of melamine products featuring work by JOLOMO and Anthony Barber.
We publish a range of both photographic postcards and JOLOMO postcards.
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