Hazel Atkinson Jewellery

Stand: E67

Hazel Atkinson Jewellery LLP.

Lightweight, bright coloured anodized aluminium jewellery designed and made in the UK. A vast variety of strong vivid colours, sizes and styles.  Worn and loved by all ages, with a Kiss of colour that is seriously good fun. 

A must to brighten up any shop window, or add a splash of colour to any display. 


United Kingdom
Pansy and Mint
Pansy has a dark background with a variety of coloured pansies, and bright green leaves. MInt has a bright green background, and a design of circular patterns in contrast.
Rocket a new collection of jewellery in strong purple and yellow with designs to evoke the excitement of fireworks and celebration.
The Festival Range
Festival and Jamboree Ranges
Jamboree small pendants
The lamboree range of small pendants.  
Ferris wheel
The Ferris wheel range is a combination of purple, silver and pink anodized aluminium. Earrings are upside down, and back to front to create the feeling of the Big Wheel ride.
Ferris wheel
Ferris wheel, a new range of jewellery, in a mixture of purple, pink and silver aluminium. Bangles, earrings, pendants and rings are available in a variety of styles. 
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