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Welcome to our world of interesting confectionery!

Little Tins

The Little Tins range offers something a bit different, themed around animal Poo, Droppings and Noses they make everyone smile meaning they're ideal impulse purchases.

With 30+ animals to pick from including Bat Poo, Dinosaur Droppings, Kitten Noses, Squirrel Droppings, Llama Poo, Sheep Poo & Unicorn Poo.

The Scottish Wee Collection is Haggis Droppings, Highland Cow Poo & Nessie Droppings.

New this year are Coal Nuggets, perfect for attractions such as steam railways.

Fruit Drops

For many years we have been producing short runs of Fruit Drops Tins for promotional use, whatever you want to advertise, your town, club or event we can help.



Every year we have special festive versions of Reindeer Poo and Fruit Drops.


Visit our website for further details of our ranges.


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