Dark Sky Spirits

Dark Sky Spirits is a boutique whisky blending company, which is family owned and operated. We create delicious drinks to spark conversations and bring people together. Since opening the Moffat Distillery in Summer 2023, we have moved our whisky blending in-house and make the UK's only wood-fired gin. We also make award-winning Fruit Whisky Liqueurs, which always delight those who taste them! Our single malt production is due to commence January 2024.


United Kingdom
Moffat Liqueurs: Brammle (Blackberry Whisky Liqueur)
Our award-winning blackberry whisky liqueur: Perfect as a digestif or in a cocktail. A blend of hand-picked brambles from the Hearthlands in Moffat and farm-grown blackberries in England, mixed with b …
The Doonhamer Blended Malt Scotch Whisky
A light, bright, spicy and citrusy blended malt Scotch part of our Local Dram collection. Expertly blended malt Scotch created by Dark Sky Spirits founder, Nick Bullard.
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