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Little beeswax candle gift sets that encouage you to take twenty minutes of realaxation, mindfulness or meditation for your well-being.

Our first product, Twenty Minute Candles, came about when we put together a small box of beeswax candles and handwritten affirmation cards for a close friend who was struggling in lockdown to help her relax and restore her well-being… and she loved them! Six months later we found ourselves proud Finalists in Gift of the Year.


United Kingdom
time for Reflection candles (wrap)
calm your mind in the warm glow of candlelight with twenty minutes of guilt free time
Relaxation Candles
and Relax… Take some time for yourself. Allow yourself some precious time by putting your feet up, lighting a candle and losing yourself in the moment.
Just to say' Bundle
All the sentiment of a Greetings Card wrapped around a thoughtful gift.
Time for Bundle
A selection of 48 stylish mini candle gift sets
Mini Bundle
A selection of 48 mini candle gift sets. 3 x 16 designs.
Twenty Minute Candles
Ten pure beeswax candles, ceramic holder and affirmation cards for relaxation and well-being.
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    Take twenty minutes of relaxation time for your wellbeing and mental health
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