Baaad Flockers

Baaad Flockers are the creation of British cartoonist 'Cookie'. If you find  a familiarity to his work  it may be due to him being the original artist for Weird Fish Clothing and his design work for Old Guys Rule.

What you may not have realised is that Cookies sheep characters pred-date either of these brands by at least a decade. Originally created as a range of funny postcards in the 80's, but without a suitable name for his gang of rebellious sheep, they were shoved in a box of cartoons and forgotten for over 30 years! Now with a perfect title, 'The Flockers' have broken free and are wreaking their havoc via our t-shirts and hoodies with a rebellious attitude to which we can all feel an affinity. 

All Flockers garments are designed and traditionally screen printed by hand, at our countryside studio on the Worcestershire / Herefordshire border, ironically - surrounded by inspiration - sheep! 


Bishop Frome
United Kingdom
Heard not Herded! New brand from the famous Cookie t-shirt artist!
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