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Chloe Gardner

Stand: E21
Chloe Gardner


I have a very big range of wonderful, unique, some unknown and in some cases well known designs that really do sell well. I always try and do something extra to make each product more unique... But first a reminder of some of my designs:

  • The vibrant and colourful ever-popular highland coo. I was the first person to do a colourful highland cow before it 'inspired' others so please support the original and best! It sells beautifully and you wont be able to keep it in stock! It sells so fast in every product. 
  • The darkest, furriest feathery-ist Scottie dog
  • Characterful puffins made in feathers
  • Have you seen my leaf version of the Lochness moster! It is utterly original and will bring a big smile! 
  • The fluffiest feather robin;
  • vibrant rainbow stags in a multitude of colours
  • The most delicate leaf and feather bee

Plus more feather animals brimming with character to make everyone smile such as punky haired feather penguins plus new for this year a warthog family..

All these and more designs found in top quality, reasonably priced, beautifully made, (principally) British-made products. Many have a lovely surprise to add to their smile factor be it double designed chopping boards, lined gift boxes, printed insides to washbags, attached charity donations and more. Chloe is working towards having an added element of glorious surprise as a bonus with every product. 

Please get in touch to come and see some of the wonderful products and just how amazing the quality and detail is.


South Queensferry
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Special Offer: 50p off every mug for orders of over 18 mugs and mixed designs are allowed.

    50p off every mug for orders over 18

    50p off every mug for orders over 18
    Offer expires on: 31-Jan-2024
  • Cards, Stationery & Wrapping
  • Kitchen & Dining
  • Scottish Gifts