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Caitlin Hegney Jewellery

Caitlin Hegney Jewellery

Timeless silver jewellery that resonates with the ancient past, designed and made in Argyll on the west coast of Scotland.  

Fascinated by the ambiguity of pattern making throughout history, Caitlin creates textural jewellery with her hand-made tools, using processes that date back to 2000BC.

An award-winning artist, Caitlin has undertaken residencies at Cove Park and at The Glasgow School of Art, from where she graduated. She has exhibited in Australia and widely in Europe including in France and Denmark.  She stocks her jewellery in various locations across the UK.


United Kingdom

Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • Elegant forged silver Drop Earrings.
  • Hand forged solid silver ring echoing the ebb and flowing patterns of the tide.
  • Rhythmic hoops made from hand forged silver.
  • Delicate handmader necklace that references the rhythmic patterns of the moon and tide.
  • Handcrafted veryday silver studs inspired by the cup and ring markings found at ancient sites across Scotland.
  • Minimalist solid silver bangle that connects the wearer to ancient Scottish heritage.
  • Everyday textural necklace that resonates with ancient scottish jewellery.
  • Textural Statement Earrings inspired by the stone carvings of the ancient past.
  • A closeer look at my hand forged tools.
  • Demonstrating soldering as a technique of building up patterns.
  • A demonstration of how I create embossed patterns in my jewellery.
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  • Highlandwear
  • Jewellery & Watches
  • Scottish Gifts