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Rebecca Studios

Stand: E62
Rebecca Studios

Personalised & Precious Meaningful Jewellery Handmade in Kinross, Scotland 

Holly Silver By Rebecca creates pieces of jewellery that both convey a meaningful design and personalised collections showing the healing and strengthening power of words to embody love, growth and connection. 

By Rebecca offers a personalised stamping service for a set range of jewellery for you to offer to your customers shipping direct to shop or customer. 




United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • I give Love…and I let love in. Beautiful Silver hammered chunky heart shaped pendant - with a big open heart just like yours!
  • New - shoot for the star handcarfted from wax and cast into silver - available in large or mini size 
  • I set myself free to be me… Like a bird that soars through the boundless sky and has a view of all things from high above, feathers symbolize the ability to transcend and move beyond your mental barri ...
  • Wholesale Starter Kits have been put together to get you all the best sellers across every budget
  • You're my wee heart Simple and cute - a Wee heart Necklace - perfect for everyday wear and a gift for a wee girls first bit of jewellery!
  • We are forever joined by eternal love This beautiful statement necklace symbolises the connection of Family members. Three rings intertwined in the Russian Rings style, all hammered for that lovely sp ...
  • Fly free..... A lovely wee mini feather pendant hand carved from wax and cast into silver.
  • Hearts Together Necklace - a lovely array of hearts joined together symbolic of your family love. Your hearts joined together by love...
  • Close to my Heart Collection - hammered plain or personalised with your own words
  • Forever Joined by Eternal Love are we, this Family This beautiful statement necklace symbolises the connection of Family members.  
  • This very lovely Queen Bee is hand carved from wax and cast into Silver - the position of the bee is in flight as it flies across your neckline.
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