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Ashwood Candles

Stand: K33
Ashwood Candles

In 2020, our founder Ashleigh, archaeologist turned candle-maker, missed seeing the world and interacting with the sites and monuments that connect us to the past. So, armed with a batch of candles, a keen nose, and a passion for archaeology, she decided to bring the past into our homes.  

Through our candles, we create an immersive experience inspired by sites and places that tie us to the past. Creating archaeology-inspired candles allows our customers to be transported to sites, times and places that no longer exist. With each candle, we match our fragrances to real-life places that have dot our landscape or have been lost to time. Want to experience life by the side of a Mesolithic Lake? You can do that with our Star Carr candle. Ever fancied travelling to Neolithic standing stones on the rugged Scottish coast? You can, by lighting on of five Standing Stone Collection candles.

By picking up a AshWood candle, you get to experience and access the past in a way that has never been done before. After all, every story begins in the past, you just have to find yours.

Our candles are perfect for those looking to give a unique experience to their customers. Our current stockists include Kilmartin Museum, Paisley Abbey, Creswell Crags, the Scottish Crannog Centre, and Time Team Digital. 


United Kingdom

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  • Sail into the Viking Age with our three viking inspired candles based on the homes and settlements of the most infamous vikingrs!
  • Step into the Neolithic and enter the prehistoric landscape of the past. Walk in the footsteps of the ancestors and become part of the ritual and mystery of the stones.  Inspired by Standing Stones an ...
  • Crisp snow is underfoot, Neolithic carvings flicker in the firelight, ancient tongues speak ancient rites. Here, we greet the Winter Solstice.
  • Walk the hallowed halls of ancient abbeys, smooth your trowel across loamy soil, and find out the true secrets of Egypt with our Dark Academia candles. 
  • Earth, wine, water, and fire. Everlasting elements that were key to survival and settlement in prehistory. Connect to the elements to and to your past with our Elemental Collection. 
  • Mesolithic. Neolithic. Bronze Age. Roman. Early Medieval. Each with unique settlements, landscapes, and traditions. Travel back in time and greet the scents and sites of the distant past. 
  • Scottish Gifts