Art Pewter

A well-established, Family run business, Art Pewter provide a wide array of Quality Jewellery, Clan Crest Regalia and Gift items Made in Scotland!

Supplying customers across the globe, Art Pewter aim to provide good value, quality products, backed by an efficient, friendly and reliable service. Get in touch today to discuss your requirements!


East Kilbride
United Kingdom
Pewter Jewellery
A vast range of Pewter Jewellery, inspired by over 50 years of Design and Manufacture. Incorporating Traditional Celtic Designs and Manufactured in Scotland.
Clan Crest Badges
With well over 100 crests available, Art Pewter is the foremost supplier of Clan Crest Regalia to the Kilt Hire and Tourist markets. Exporting across the globe, Art Pewter's clan crest reglia is Made …
Highland Dress Accessories
Along with their Clan Crest items, Art Pewter supply a wide number of 'generic' (non-clan) Highland Dress items, such as Sgian Dubhs, Kilt Pins, Cufflinks and so on. Many items are available in a sele …
Engraved Giftware
A more recent addition to Art Pewter's offering, their Engraved Giftware range continues to expand as it grows more popular.
Plaid Brooch
Art Pewter supply a number of large Plaid Brooches, many with a choice of finish or stone colour. These Beautiful Large Brooches can be worn to secure a fly plaid as part of a Highland Dress outfit, o …
The Wooden Quaich
Shallow, two handed bowls such as these were used in Scotland from the 17th Century as drinking vesels. Art Pewter's take on this Traditional 'cup' features an Oak bowl fitted with a Cast Pewter band …
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