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VENT for Change Jumbo Starter Pack

VENT for Change Jumbo Starter Pack
Special Offer: 10% off all products included in the Jumbo Starter Set
Offer expires on: 31 December 2021 00:00:00

The Jumbo Starter Set includes 12 A5 Ideas Notebooks/Sketchbooks (3 of each colour), 12 Ideas Pocket Books (3 of each colour), 12 sets of Ideas Pencils (3 of each colour), 6 Write A5 Notebooks (2 of each colour),9 Notes A5 Notebooks (3 of each colour), 9 sets of Notes Pencils (3 of each colour), 12 A5 Make a Mark Notebooks (colours of your choice) and 12 Make a Mark Pocket Books (colours of your choice). The offer also includes free counter top display units, point of sale and delivery. Normally £286, now only £257 giving a 10% saving.

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