Lisa Lawson

Lisa Lawson

Dear Green Coffee

Lisa Lawson started her career in the coffee industry over 20 years ago when she was one of the founding employees at Tobys Estate Coffee in Sydney. Since then she has worked in the wine industry before starting her own award winning and B Corp certified coffee company Dear Green Coffee Roasters in Glasgow in 2011. Lisa also kick started the Glasgow Coffee Festival in 2014, the UK Roasting Championships and the Scottish Aeropress Championship. An SCA Trainer (AST) in Sensory and Barista Skills Lisa is also a Q Grader and has been involved in establishing the European Roasters Guild for the Specialty Coffee Association. 

Aside from a passion for coffee and community, Lisa is an advocate for doing business differently and has championed an ethical business model with Living Wage + Living Hours accreditation as well as organic certification and more recently measuring and reporting on Dear Green’s journey to Net Zero leading to a number of award recognitions in 2023.