26 Oct 2021

Smoked Salmon Kubbeh

Almaz Foods Stand: N56
  • Smoked Salmon Kubbeh
  • Smoked Salmon Kubbeh
Smoked Salmon Kubbeh Smoked Salmon Kubbeh

Our Smoked Salmon Kubbeh are delectable crispy bites filled with locally sourced tender salmon that is smoked not a few miles from us in Scotland. Deep fry these in 5 minutes for a crunchy croquette filled with heavenly tasting fish and an array of accommodating herbs and spices.

Our Smoked Salmon Kubbeh is moist, crispy and full of flavour, not forgetting:

✔ Soya Free ✔ Nut Free ✔ Dairy Free ✔ Egg Free ✔ Preservative Free

Pair with brown rice and a simple cucumber tomato dill salad. Delicious!

Always a fan favourite with the seafood lovers.

Kubbeh is known to be a signature of Mediterranean Cuisine. It is Traditionally made of bulgur (cracked wheat), finely ground meat, onions and spices.