29 Aug 2022

Bath, Body and Shower

Surya Luna Naturals Stand: LG32
  • Bath, Body and Shower
  • Bath, Body and Shower
  • Bath, Body and Shower
Bath, Body and Shower Bath, Body and Shower Bath, Body and Shower

Shower Foamers

Shower foamers are a new treat for shower time! 

“What’s a ‘Shower Foamer’?” you may be asking.  It’s a new kind of body skin cleanser designed for single use in a shower.  They fizz and foam creating a luxurious lather, smelling amazing and simply dissolve into the water and rinse away leaving your skin keeling soft and your bathroom smelling incredible.

They’re a kind of bath bomb that you use in the shower which is great for those who don’t have a bath!

Eco-friendly PLA bag – 4 pack  WS £2.50 | SRP £6


Bath Teas

Our bath tea is the perfect blend of pink Himalayan salt, chosen for its detoxifying minerals, epsom salts that aid muscle relaxation and a complimentary range of botanicals and essential oils, to turn bath time into a ritual of self-care and total relaxation.

Glass Bottle with Cork – 250g  WS £3.55 | SRP £8.50


Whipped Soaps

Our whipped soap has a light, mousse like texture that gently cleanses and hydrates the skin.

Scoop out a small amount and lather up with a sponge or shower mitt to create creamy bubbles that glide softly over your skin and leave you smelling of your favourite Surya Luna bar soaps.  Also makes a fantastic bubble bath - just add a little to running water.

Glass jar with aluminium lid – 80g  WS £3.66 | SRP £8.80