The Wee Isle Dairy

Stand: N42

Small family-run dairy farm on the Isle of Gigha. We bottle our whole milk on the farm, and pasteurise it using the old-fashioned low temperature method, preserving the rich wonderful flavours it has when raw. Sold in returnable glass bottles. We never skim or homogenise our milk. This is milk as it used to be, 50+ years ago.

We also produce our artisan ice cream, in 16 flavours. 3 sizes of tubs: 125ml; 500ml and 5 litre napolis.

We also make 6 dessert sauces, created to pour over ice cream, or pancakes.



Isle Of Gigha
United Kingdom

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Contact Exhibitor

  • Dessert sauces made in small batches on our island farm. Created to pour over ice cream and pancakes. 6 flavours available. 200g jars. Gift box for 5 jars available.  New in April 2022: wee 45g jars, ...
  • 11 of our ice cream flavours are available in 125ml tubs.
  • Ice Cream

    21 Mar 2022
    15 flavours of ice cream, offered in 500ml tubs. Artwork features the landscape of our island location. All ice cream is artisan made in small batches, using the milk from our island dairy farm.
  • Fresh Whole Milk

    21 Mar 2022
    Fresh whole milk. Pasteurised at 63˚C for 30 minutes, the way milk used to be pasteurised prior to 1980. Fabulous taste.