Quilling Cosmos

Stand: LG18
Quilling Cosmos

About Me:

I have a passion for arts from childhood. I am now putting my passion in practice by doing three dimensional (3D) paper-based quilling art which is influenced by nature specially animals, flowers and by still life objects with modern contemporary twists.  I love blending art with mathematical patterns and am very fond of vibrant colours that makes the art radiant and luxurious and pleasing to our eyes.


Art Materials:    

I work with artist paper of various thickness and from different brands e.g., Daler Rowney, Fabriano among others, which are acid free to prevent paper from fading and yellowing over time. I also use coloured quilling paper cuts and strips, PVA glue and  quilling tools to create my artworks.


United Kingdom


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    15 Mar 2022
    STAG The beautiful Highland Stag in the spring.
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    03 Jul 2022
    MOTORBIKE "If you can still hear your fears then gear it up."
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    15 Jun 2022
    GUITAR ON FIRE When words fail, music speaks.
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    01 Aug 2022
    MEADOW The sun shone on a meadow and it burst into colours to show its beauty.
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