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Quilling Cosmos

Quilling Cosmos

Cosmika has a passion for three-dimensional (3D) paper-based quilling art which is influenced by nature especially animals, flowers, and still life objects with modern contemporary twists.  She loves blending art with mathematical patterns and is very fond of vibrant colours that make the art radiant and luxurious and pleasing to our eyes.

She creates wallart of various sizes and takes commissions.

She works with artist paper of various thicknesses and from different brands which are acid-free to prevent the paper from fading and to prevent the artwork from yellowing over time.


United Kingdom

Contact Exhibitor

Contact Exhibitor

  • BLACK BEAUTY "Horses lend us the wings our hearts desire."
  • KITTY "Some angels don’t have wings but only whiskers."
  • Stag

    15 Mar 2022
    STAG The beautiful Highland Stag in the spring.
  • Motorbike

    03 Jul 2022
    MOTORBIKE "If you can still hear your fears then gear it up."
  • Guitar on Fire

    15 Jun 2022
    GUITAR ON FIRE When words fail, music speaks.
  • Meadows

    01 Aug 2022
    MEADOW The sun shone on a meadow and it burst into colours to show its beauty.
  • MAP OF SCOTLAND "The hills of highlands to fall in forever love."
  • Art & Prints