Candles by Fiona-Mae

Stand: A11
I make handpoured bespoke and novelty candles and melts with a bit of a twist! Custom orders welcome.


United Kingdom

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  • This is a gel and sow wax fusion candle
  • This has been made with soy wax that's whipped on top with wax embeds made to look like choc chips
  • This has been made using gel wax underneath with a frothy beer looking topping
  • This had been made with orange gel wax with soy wax that's lightly whipped on top with a soy wax embed on top. This also comes with a scented shot of prosecco, just like you have ordered it from the b ...
  • This is made from gel wax, made to look like the drink, this had gel wax ice cubes with a soy wax embed made to look like a wedge of lemon
  • This is made with soy wax which has been topped of with a whipped wax decorated to look like it has the burnt look of a lemon meringue pie
  • This is made with gel wax with a soy wax topping with wax embeds shaped like coffee beans
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